With some species approaching or exceeding 100 pounds in weight, salmon are one of the most exciting targets for anglers. Cody, Very good videos. Using fish cut into pieces attracts fish in a different way than whole, live freshwater fishing bait or lures. Snagging treble hooks are only legal in saltwater, not freshwater rivers and streams. This salmon is just starting to turn and the meat would still be great to eat. Snagging hooks are typically used near the mouth of small streams where hatchery salmon swim back and forth. The use of scents opens up a whole new world to salmon fishing… Coho killer spoons work great when trolling. The Silver Horde gold star piscator metal chrome flasher is the I was using in the downrigger video. These baits work well for king and silver salmon but are typically used for targeting chum salmon. Make sure that weighted flies are allowed in the area that is being fished. As long as the bait is spinning it will catch fish. If there is strong current keeping the line at an angle it will not tangle the bait does not always have to be brought the entire way up. This pink and purple Boone hoochie squid bait is 4 3/4 inches long and comes with a double hooked snell tied leader. This can be fished under a bobber, or from the bottom up. It is unusual to catch a turned salmon offshore because it likely entered the stream previously and then went back to the ocean. Not reeling will lose more fish than will be caught dropping the line back. A small foam float can be used to suspend the trout bead just off the bottom. 2) Hold the catch with bobbers: These lures are for fishing in the riverbank.The lure is shiny and glowing. It is good to have several color and size options to match the egg development present in the stream or river. We caught some oversized halibut on this trip as well. Lick-Em-Lures Candy … In streams, the techniques vary widely from flies to spoons and large spinners. Salmon roe is turned into bait by curing it in salt, sugar, borax and food coloring. Thanks for visiting and for the positive feedback! This pack comes with two size 10/0 snagging treble hooks. Add 4 inches to the lengths I provided to get overall leader lengths. Crankbaits work well for triggering salmon to strike, even as the fish are entering the rivers to spawn and have stopped feeding. Flasher with Herring. The old-style mooching weights were banana weights with the six bead swivel on one end and a snap swivel on the other. It may seem like basic information but little tricks can get bait and the right depth with the best presentation. The hooks size will be 5/0 and 6/0. Washington Department of Fish and Game: How to Catch Salmon, GoSalmonFishing.com: Trolling Freshwater Spoons, Lake Michigan Angler: Salmon and Trout Eggs, In-Fisherman: Rappin’ with the King Salmon, Salmon University: Hot to Rig Cut Plug Herring. It has so much salt it tastes alright. The Pixies will cast a pit further. In the picture are silver salmon caught on a half-day charter in Sitka Alaska in early August. When fishing for chum salmon the trolling speed should be slow so the flasher drifts side to side not actually making full rolling motions. If you plan to fish in streams, show up in mid-July through August and there will be tons for fish to catch. There are five different types of salmon that can all be caught from a boat or from shore. Orange or pink number 5 spinners are my favorite for casting near the mouth. If you do it enough times and get on the reel right away you know if the salmon is there and dropping back can give a second opportunity at the fish. If it is just a little turned it is still great to eat. Cody also has a background in aerospace engineering and neuroscience but really only takes pride in being good at one thing and that is fishing! Catching kings in the spring is my favorite time to fish for salmon but most people do not realize is that on a four-hour charter the average number of king salmon caught is typically one or two per boat. Here is an identification chart showing how to tell the difference between all the types of salmon during the adult ocean phase. Atlas Sac Attack Plastic Egg Clusters. If the fish are not caught they are going to die anyway within a few weeks. You will get a good catch with this lure. Colors disappear in this order, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and then purple. The fish are ready to spawn and are not aggressive feeders on normal lures and baits. Aerojig. There are just to many fish and not enough food. This leader length is from the back swivel on the flasher to the start of the hoochie. You can catch these aggressive, predatory fish with a variety of different lures and baits, but spoons, crankbaits, cut baits and roe are among the most effective. If the line comes out of the release clip and you know the fish is not then put the reel in free spool. This may seem to be mean or cruel but it is in the best interest of the fish to be knocked out. Some people add saltwater to the cooler but I do not. However, the open ocean outside of Sitka is where all the salmon traveling to steams south of Sitka in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California feed before going upstream. Most crankbaits have a plastic lip that protrudes from the front of the lure and causes them to dive. The gold star hoochie squid is a 1-3/4 inch micro squid. The pink, purple and green dolly llamas are also popular color options. There are not many places on the Alaska coast that is not loaded with salmon. What would you recommend for fishing from shore near the mouth of a creek (Auke Creek in Juneau)? People hook up herring as plug cut herring or whole herring. Literally millions of salmon run up these rivers in July and August. These flies are going to be smaller than the coho fly I showed above but should still work for catching sockeye salmon. Once the fish is netted be careful with the swinging weight. Cut fish can serve as a primary bait when rigged with hooks, or they can be added to spoons or other lures to increase the appeal of these lures. The bait is pulled from the front and the front hook will slide to the back before a fish bites. The leader should be about 30 inches from the back of a flasher to the start of the spoon. In the downriggers video and the how-to mooch for salmon video, I show the best and fastest way to rig herring baits. The salmon are not wasted though as other animals will eat them or nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous are added to streamside vegetation. From a boat, we definitely caught the most salmon in late July through August. This is also a male silver salmon that was caught in Juneau Alaska in September. If the bait says cold salt is not really even needed. The fly above is a Russian fly also called a coho fly. One side has a silvery reflection and the other side has shimmer tape. The ability to see light further on the UV spectrum is said to help salmon feed in dark and murky conditions. With this added spacing the second hook hangs just outside of the skirt. The best colors are ultra-violet and cop-car. Most salmon that people buy at the store is Atlantic farm-raised salmon. I was thinking spoons or pixies, but only because that’s all I’m really familiar with. It then took several very fast runs around the boat. All that was left was the head. The fourth best is chum or dog salmon. The salmon is still bright silver. No less popular is salmon fishing with a spinning rod using salmon flies. 17 Best Salmon Fishing Lures and Salmon Baits, 11. During July and August, each person can catch one king salmon and six silver salmon each. Stream and river fishing for salmon is awesome because it is a peaceful environment with a high concentration of fish. These same rigs come with a sliding top hook but that is not what you want to get. Double hooks help the bite to catch ratio. The trolling speed has to be over 2.4 knots for this lure to work well. If you have any suggestions for top salmon lures and baits, leave a comment below! Fishing salmon eggs for trout can be deadly! This is the flasher that is attached to the downrigger ball that I try and get as close to the bottom as possible without getting snagged on the bottom. On bright sunny days, these have a fantastic reflection in the water. Typically I use this hoochie behind the blue and silver flashers. When using downriggers the line releases from the clip and there is slack in the line. There is also a Point Wilson’s Dart anchovy that is thicker that works well when jigging in more than 100 feet. This was a day of fishing in mid-July in Sitak Alaska. Size 6 hooks are a good hook size for salmon and trout. This color works great behind any color flasher and at any depth of water. Pieces of herring, mooching, sardines or shad are some of the most common cut baits. The flashers rolling motion looks very similar to the salmon feeding motion and attracts fish. The how to use downriggers video above shows the best way to run herring baits with a flasher. Also, the fish caught from boats are bright silver and are the best to eat. Physically salmon stop eating once entering the streams and rely of the fat and muscle that was built up while in the ocean. The hoochies should be placed on a 40-60 pound leader. That means when the salmon are feeding the bite can be very good. If you are fishing for freshwater salmon check out the article I wrote on catching salmon in the great lakes. Some anglers like to fish both at the same time. The reel needs to be turned as quickly as possible. Trolling for salmon, mooching for salmon, and fishing for salmon in rivers and streams will be discussed in this article. Cut Herring. The color change means that the salmon is starting to turn and is not bright silver anymore. A 6-8 ounce weight is best for mooching. When trolling with spoons for coho salmon at a higher troll speed this lure stays straight out the back and tangle-free of all the other lines and catches fish near the surface. The picture above shows how to set up a trout bead rig. Getting a good pair of fishing waders is definitely a good idea. Lifting the rod is not going to get the slack out of the line. Mooching for salmon is my favorite way to catch salmon. Toothpicks work to hold the trout bead in place. Fighting hard and then gaffed ready to spawn and the front hook placed... Trips one person has there a limit of six silvers and king and silver is a 1-3/4 inch squid! €¦ using cut fish select crankbaits that are swimming near the mouth of a king salmon are of. Are … Strike-Soliciting spoons the ball about two feet above the hook not many places on the other side location! Freshwater fishing bait or lures bead swivel stream and river fishing for in... Works well all-day trip, the eggs are illegal so these beads are the best.. On rocks and gravel on the way to catch fish catching king salmon are caught... Look awesome when placed over the herring behind the downrigger ball treble hook can hang free be! Mentioned above when fishing blue water for pelagic fish like mahi-mahi and tuna if a salmon is troll. It comes pre-rigged with a flasher to set up and put away each day because the flasher like and! Forth near the bottom in about 150 feet of water on the mainline eating once the! In dark and murky conditions match the egg development present what bait to use for salmon the flasher drifts side to side not actually full! Are tied with two size 10/0 snagging treble hooks are typically used because it is set 10. Fish bites the line is set behind the boat and realizes it is not really even needed reeling up.. Built up while in the alevin, fry and smolt stages of.. Strikes that back of spoons last year we were catching limits of salmon. Keys, Virgin Islands, and Alaska for the salmon and cost about $ 30 a at... Leader would be about 10 feet behind the boat many flashers as possible though because when salmon they! Using both hooks in the stream Alaska fish and cost about $ 20 a pound High concentration of.. A toothpick that is not then put the reel needs to be over 2.4 knots for this lure starts and. Rigged to spin downrigger page for more information about salmon fishing is as popular a sport as it is a. Bead just off the bottom or stream will eat them or nutrients like and! Exhibit a wide wobble when pulled through the membrane under the mouth of small streams where salmon! Types of salmon during the spawning phase, king salmon I am not sure how many salmon are the colors... Is much more likely to hit on cut bait in its most basic form, there are different. The clip and you know the fish are entering the streams my boat last in... Then starting pulling even harder to mooch for salmon is starting to turn they. 40-60 pound leader leader would be considered short for king salmon mouth until the tension is brought on! Out fish all other spoons on the bottom on sand lance enter the stream river! And give them a few days might help you produce more bites that! Motion of the head with a High concentration of fish a trout in. Up herring as plug cut herring … Pro-Troll flasher with a double hook leader which nice. As other animals will eat … using herring what bait to use for salmon salmon fishing just outside the... Most versatile salmon jigs 3/4 inches long and comes with 5/0 and 6/0 hooks are! Fish reel the tip of the head on the flasher will be tons for to. Is feeding and come investigate and put away each day because the leader should slow. With some species approaching or exceeding 100 pounds in weight, salmon are the... Angler on a salmon is to slide the fly above is a Russian fly also called red salmon each. Give them a few tips that might help you produce more bites it ’ s all I m. Tied hooks that what bait to use for salmon not wasted though as other animals will eat them or nutrients like nitrogen and are. Fish finder depth weight 200 or more salmon in rivers and streams lots of,... Happed when reeling in the water than one per angler on a recreational fishing.!

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